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Low and high tonnage stamping tool applications, various tool types, ie. progressive, transfer, even high speed application in excess of 1000 SPM.

Return on investment:  For many applications in the stamping Industry, in particular when addressing larger component stamping flaws, just one customer rejection cost saved could pay for our acoustic detection system.

We can quickly determine if there is a solution for your previously impossible to detect stamping issues.  Let MGC Inc. assist you with your stamping application. 

905 715 7575 or send an e-mail inquiry to with the title Acoustic stamping inquiry.


What is Acoustic stamping die protection and how does it work?

In a nutshell it is the most advanced method of die protection in the world.  Not just the fact that acoustics

are used to detect process flaws such as slug marks, slivers or even dull cutting edges.  By using an advanced electronic filtering system to detect stamping flaws we can monitor each part.  It works by acoustically monitoring unique signatures throughout each cycle and comparing it to a known good cycle.   

100% part inspect in die is possible by using acoustics. 

Call us to discuss your application.  In many cases process stops for severe problems can be made as the stripper plate touches the die prior to damage occurring.

Preventing press and die damage.  100% sort without production stopping is also possible for minor and intermittent sliver and slug problems to keep that press running.

Call us for more information or for an in house presentation in your plant in Ontario:  905 715 7575.

We are metal stamping experts with international experience in various production environments we are very knowledgeable of these acoustic sensing systems as there are well over 65 000 systems installed world wide. 

Every day you don`t have this system installed is a potential for spending repair money unnecessarily. 


We can assist you with CNC and Acoustic Die protection systems for your stamping / machining applications, die sensing solutions for slivers, part cracking, and general fault detection in metal manufacturing processing, let us elaborate to what is possible.

Achieve 100% in die process control and save your press and stamping dies from crashes and operator error!  Plan PM better.

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