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What is Metal stamping as it is related to MGC`s business?

Simply put metal stamping is the process of using a tool - the "Die" mounted in a press to form and cut a part into a desired shape by utilizing the vertical press motion (stroke).  When in production, the raw material which is fed  into the die is mostly flat metal strips or coils of flat material.  It is available in various widths, thicknesses and materials into a multitude of shapes, such as the thousands of metal parts in every car.  The various stamping processes produce generally one or two repeatable parts per press stroke.

Parts are then monitored within manufacturing tolerances to assure fit and function.  Some dies produce left and right hand parts from within the same die at the same time.  For conventianal stamping dies are mostly are of three types, the single transfer station, blanking or progressive types.  Automotive dies of medium size components often run at speeds of 10 - 300 SPM (strokes per minute).  When the press is in motion it will "stroke" up and down with a preset distance.  The two die halves, upper and lower are aligned with a pin type of guide system and open and close using the applied press force, to form or pierce and cut the raw material.  Thus allowing precision repeatability of each press stroke and part produced.  Part accuracies and repeatability is usually measured in much smaller increments than a millimeter, often tolerances for hole locations are +- .002" for location and +- .010" for trim lines or outer part edges.  Tolerances can vary and should be designed to suit the anticipate stamping die cost which is driven by the final part drawing.


We are able to assist you  with your in house stamping process.  We have the majority of experience within the 100 - 5000 Ton range, primarily, but not limited to automotive stamping part and assembly applications.  We primarily get involved with trouble-shooting, quality improvements or material savings, die stamping facility re-locations or PPAP assistance, we are hands on and don`t stop by simply consulting, we achieve our goals.

Let us assist with your stamping tool challenge, ask about our tool repair services.  TIG cutting edge welding and grinding or in press die spotting.   We take on projects involving prototyping of stamped components or specialized processes involving clinch nut fasteners or in die tapping.


MGC Inc. and Canstamp Precision is fond of the following metal stamping processes and more:

Blanking dies
Compound dies

Progressive dies

Tapping Dies

Tapping Extrusion Dies

Combination progressive and transfer dies

Hydroform dies

2D and 3D Canforming transfer dies

Progressive tube forming dies

Draw dies

Deep Draw Dies

Cut off dies

Staking dies

Pierce dies

Metal joining dies

And some "class A" surface tooling

In General:

We would be happy to see what challenge you have for us!
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Where are metal stampings used?

Parts produced with metal stamping processes are everywhere!  Often hidden beneath plastic or integrated within overmoulded components, your blackberry, office equipment, toaster, stainless sink, aircraft and foremost your car which likely cosists of 8500 or more metal stamped components!

Progressive die example shown with automated tapping head split top and bottom halves


GOITI 80 METRIC TON Press shown

Short runs and

If you require assistance or are looking for solutions to detect stamping flaws and errors or defects in stamping manufacturing, please proceed to the "Acoustic Die Protection" found in the main menu on the left hand side
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