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MGC introduces Brankamps X7 to the Canadian market.

Metal working, custom precision machining, metal and Tool and Die repair as well as precision TIG welding are now part of our services to assist our customers with their metal manufacturing needs.  Custom part development R&D, custom build machinery as well as acoustic machine and die protection system integration are available on site or at our Newmarket facility.
High demand for higher quality die protection systems triggers research and new development of custom die protection systems.  Custom installations now combine previous separate systems.  Ultra Emission sensors can now be attached to existing equipment and integrated.  This solves the issue of finding the needle in the haystack for  most previously undetectable stamping flaw solutions.

Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. moves to a new Industrial Unit in Newmarket, offering more services to our customers.
Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. plans a Business move.Tooling & Production Magazine publishes Metal Stamping and Pressure testing article.
"The Fabricator" magazine publishes our article on ease of use of pressure sensing, as well as pictures of our in die  progressive pressure test set up in a 400 ton press. 

"CIM" Canadian Industrial Machinery publishes our pressure sensing news release in great detail.

Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. offers Brankamp acoustic die protection systems with metal stamping consulting services at no extra charge.Design Product News Magazine publishes our article on using pressurex pressure sensors allowing for cost reductions in long term manufacturing in progressive die metal manufacturing applications .
Metal Forming Magazine publishes our article on using pressure sensor film in a 400 ton progressive die trial.  We expect that there is much to be gained from using these materials in a stamping and tool and die setting.  Actual pressure readings can be obtained in seconds with this product.  The paper thin sensor film can be used to fine tune stamping dies to reduce die maintenace costs and has millions of other uses in manufacturing apart from stamping.
MGC uses state of the art Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0 3D software to design progressive stamping dies and simple machines.  Already efficient in design we are looking to make the most of using 3D design tools to enhance the design capability in the area of stamping as well as 3D model creation for illustration, marketing and rapid prototyping purposes.  We have in the past  been heavily involved with the development of new products and stamping in the powertrain area.
Mirco Graenert is working on finding solutions to reduce the cost of stamping tool maintenance.

New Antique technology section added to our Video section - check out a 2000 year old green computer!
Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. of Newmarket Ontario announces today that a new machine is available to the Canadian industrial, educational and hobby sectors:  a vaccuum forming device not just for Public - High School / College and University level educational purposes but also for industrial short run and prototyping applications.  It enables users to make their own 3D plastic shapes from a variety of clear and coloured plastic sheets!  There is a multitude of applications and a lot to learn and gain! - It is recommend for schools to have one of these safe and robust units in their tech wing.  It compliments  engineering, computer aided design, electronics, arts, science and many more courses.  This thermoforming machine also couples with our 3D printing process to create Vac form molds from 3D CAD, simply and easily.  Go to and select - EDU Vac-Thermformer. 905 715 7508 for more information.
IMQ e-zine and newsletter enhanced and advertising rates reduced.
New stamping related videos added to Video section, now with more focus on metal stamping check out the video links!
Communications with Hannover University, Germany technical department, awaiting news release for the next issue of IMQ magazine newsletter.  Forming sheet metal with Ball bearings.
Working on enhancing the custom design aspect of our services and being able to assist the general public with getting their ideas off the ground, we intend to focus on green and eco products, or will cater to the services which are in demand.
Added new video section to the website to illustrate uses for the products we promote and sell as well as for general technical interest.  By adding technical interest section MGC intends to periodically update it with new links, it will be primarily comprised of stamping tool technical or related  metal manufacturing information.  Technical breakthroughs and other relative information may also be posted MGC is promoting a new product and is available for distribution:  RMI Laser Engraving machines capable to properly engrave tool steels and many other materials.
IPdisplays makes available new innovative IP video display LCD driver to aid lean manufacturing and lean warehousing among many other uses.  MGC is proud to be the Canadian reseller for this unique product as well as their LED display signs.  (Please refer to Main Page of this website for more information.)
Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. designs and manufactures a custom made vision system machine to detect small holes in metal stampings, machine integration has since taken place with an approved production part approval run.
Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. utilizes solid modelling 3D Cad capability to desing and manufacture custom lockable stainless steel machine guard for a renown automotive supplier.
CAD design software upgrade to Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4.0 - 3D.
Mirco Graenert Consulting Inc. adjusts advertising rates in IMQ magazine, distribution increased to over 600 strategic industrial contacts.

We are very happy to announce that we have been selected as the Canadian distrubuter for Brankamp die and press monitoring systems for presswork.  This advanced acoustic technology makes it possible to "listen to the  beat" of your  manufacturing machine.  We feel that Canadian Manufacturers will have much to gain when this technology is placed into their plant.  These units have already been used in the USA and Germany for some time.  It is proven technology, and now it is here, waiting to be challenged by Canadian metal stamping manufacturers.
MGC is one of the first to host ZCorporation's First Look Seminar Series world wide showcasing the ZPrinter 450 Rapid Prototyping Printer System.  "We feel confident that when embraced by the manufacturing and educational sectors, this technology will bring about some powerful new ways of appoaching product analysis and ultimately affect the level of efficiency that companies operates at." - company president Mirco Graenert.
Promotional displays of the IPdisplay Smart LED Information board begins.
In house info seminars and promotions of selected high tech product lines commences.
Acquired authorized reseller status for IPdisplay's smart LED information display boards.
Achieved authorized associate reseller for Z-Corp(R) 3Dimensional Printers.
Mirco Graenert regarding the Toronto packaging show; "This show was not to be missed!  There was an interesting array of products and services displayed, however I felt that there was a lack of innovative biodegradable packaging solutions, we will research further into this to establish new "green" market opportunities".
Mirco Graenert Consulting ventures to the RAPID show in Michigan, USA, Furthering the company's knowledge and reviewing most of the top technologies available in the rapid prototyping field places Mirco Graenert Consulting as one of Canada's most respected firms.  Mirco Graenert Consulting enters into talks with a manufacturer for US product distribution in Canada.
Mirco Graenert Consulting attends the Hannover Germany tool show, building contacts and establishing prospective working relationships with European companies.  "We were investigating industrial,  technologically advanced and well built German products.  We intend  to assist the German manufacturers to distribute their products in Canada, and to  potentially manufacture them in Canada for the North American Market, thus saving on shipping costs.  What we as Canadians often forget is that we actually live in the most diversified country in the world, with the largest opportunities to combine all the various nations knowledges which are present in Canada.  We can draw on these knowledges, when required, to develop or enhance the worlds most diversified advanced products.  There are great opportunities for our German suppliers as well as our Canadian Customers" company Director Mirco Graenert was quoted when interviewed on the companies direction.

IMQ Third Quarter-2007 distribution begins.  Circulation is in excess of 500 electronic copies with only few printed copies at the time.  Grand opening of the office facilities, ongoing changes in floor plan to accomodate anticipated customer and product distribution requirements carries on.

E-Zine renamed to IMQ - Q3 -2007 distribution estimated at 500.

Very positive feedback for e-zine appearance and articles.  More refinement assures a continued improvement.  Advertising is now available at extremely competitive rate.

Preliminary work has begun to establish a quarterly magazine called "EIMQ", Efficient Industrial Manufacturing Quarterly.

The launch date will be April 2007.  This magazine will contain industry-specific materials; it will be a good read for engineers, toolmakers, machinists and other industry savvy folks.  It will hold periodic contests with incentives.

Initially the copy will only be available per e-mail, and in time hard copies can be mailed.

Head office is relocated to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.


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