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Prototyping - there are many forms of prototyping, we specialize working with metals, stampings and formed components.  We make use of processes such as milling, turning, surface grinding etc. to shape the parts to within the required tolerances.  In some cases we design and make a prototype stamping die to prove a concept or process.  Using our 80 Ton Variable stroke mechanical press allows us to stamp and shape parts repeatately, allowing for short part runs etc.

We can also use our solid modelled 3D CAD designs and transform these into physical parts by making use of a variety of modern rapid prototyping methods.  Fit and function and ergonomics can then easily be tested.  We can create a display part for you economically, without the need for expensive tooling, with excellent timelines.  Parts can be literally complete from the design to the finished product in hours.

In many cases it is possible to create semi or fully functional models incorporatting a variety of materials.  There are just so many different approaches and functions that a prototype may require, we could not possibly bring all these to light here, call us to discuss your prototyping application. 

Just send us your sketch, your CAD file, a picture of a similar part or discuss it over the phone.  We can do a preliminary design and send you a picture and detailed drawing for approval.  You may be amazed as to what can be done.  With rapid prototyping it is possible to manufacture parts in 3D in full 24 bit colour, or in a high strength plastic materials, our tool and die and machining knowledge allows us to be able to combine manufacturing and rapid prototyping methods to produce the parts you may require.

Call us to discuss your prototyping needs, whether you require a quick printed scaled down or 1:1 3D model made in a rapid prototyping machine or if you need to make a metal component.  We can assist with a number of different  prototyping approaches. 

            For more info - 905 715 7575, toll free -1 877 415 7575


Prototypes manufactured with the full colour Z-Corp(R) process.  Verify ergonomics, fit, use as a display, or as a sample in a meeting.  Create parts in hours well  before going to market.

Z-Corp(R) printed prototype casting and core moulds shown.

Full prototype sand casting mould, made in mere hours. Ready to be poured with molten aluminum.

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by scaling down a design.

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